Specific feedback on experience: assessment of frequentation by small mammals of a footway under a hydraulic structure fitted with a hollow section

Date d'édition
sep 2023

Within the framework of restructuring carried out by the VINCI Autoroutes network ASF in the Deiro hydraulic structure (A89 - SOUDEILLES) to re-establish ecological continuity for wildlife, a specific 120 centimetre-wide “small wildlife” footway was created in the structure and spurs were set up along the footway in the riverbed. On this occasion, ASF wished to test the setting up of a “micromammal” hollow section originally developed by GREGE for water shrews and water voles. This thirteen-centimetre-wide and ten-centimetre-high “notch” was hollowed in the wall of the “small wildlife” footway to create a covered pathway for micromammals.

In order to assess the effectiveness of this innovative adaptation, the GREGE joined forces with GMHL to evaluate the micromammals’ frequentation of the hollowed section by deploying specific protocols adapted to the counting and identification of micromammals. Four techniques were combined to count the passages and identify the species: footprint trackers, camera traps, sample collection tubes (fur and faeces) and the sampling of environmental DNA in the hollowed pathway with genetic identification of the detected species.

This report presents the main results of the study.

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